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Painting Dandelions and Plaster of Paris from Needlecraft

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Flower prints and earth-tones never go out of style!

Aria from Windham Fabrics

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An ‘aria’ is “a song for a solo voice, with or without orchestral accompaniment, normally part of a larger work.” We think this is a great name for the new line from Windham Fabrics, as these designs are bold enough to  stand on their own, but subtle enough to be easily integrated with other fabrics.

Homemade is as Local as it Gets

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Today’s guest blogger is Barb’s new son-in-law, Dave Lippman. In addition to having just married Barb’s daughter Hilary, Dave worked in the shop over the summer while Barb was recovering from surgery and is currently managing the Quilter’s Compass website.

Regardless of your political persuasions, there’s something special about supporting American industries by buying products made in the US. Knowing that your money is going to American workers supporting American families is a nice bonus to the quality and value you get from American-made goods. Some people like to take this even further by prioritizing local merchants and manufacturers whenever possible, and it’s no wonder why: when you buy local, you know that not only are you getting a quality product, but that the price of your purchase is working to support your community.

In today’s world of internet shopping and big box stores, the cost and convenience of a purchase can make it easy to overlook the true value of an item. I was reminded of this recently when I snapped this photo of our cats, Smokey and Remy, snoozing in the beds that Barb made them for Christmas.


Now, if you have cats, you know that they’ll settle down just about anywhere that’s comfortable. Case in point:

However, while my cats like the beds because of how comfortable they are, I appreciate them even more for another reason: they’re homemade. We’ve got several other beds for Smokey and Remy to use, but those are scattered about the upstairs of our house, while the beds Barb made are front and center in our living room. The reason why isn’t hard to figure out; do I want my house adorned with generic cat beds purchased from PetSmart, or beautiful beds handmade by my mother-in-law? Definitely the latter. They also make great conversation pieces.

Simply put, it doesn’t get any more local than homemade, and I really appreciate the fact that craft industries like quilting are carrying on the tradition of locally-produced goods. When your quilt, bag, table runner, or cat bed is homemade, you’re not only getting a quality product, but you’re also getting something that is truly unique. I’ve spent a lot of money on Smokey and Remy over the years (and I mean a lot of money), but I’ve never been able to find anything in a store or online nearly as nice as the beds Barb made for them, and I get the feeling they appreciate her hard work.


2017 Class Schedule

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This is our preliminary class schedule for January – June, 2017. More information will be available soon, but registration is now open for these classes. Strict limit of 8 participants per class. Please call or stop by the shop to sign up. We can also take reservations via the message option on the Shop Online page.







Class Information and Policies

Major Announcements Regarding Hours

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1. Quilter’s Compass will be closed for the remainder of this week due to several family obligations, and will reopen on Tuesday, January 3rd. Apologies for any inconvenience; please contact us with any questions.

2. Quilter’s Compass will be closed on Sundays and Mondays in 2017. The shop will be open from Tuesday – Saturday.

3. Thursday hours will be from 10 am – 5 pm, outside of special promotions and events.

Please let us know if you have any questions. Thank you for your continued patronage and support.

12 Days of Christmas – The Adventures of Remy – Day 12

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We fly through the clear night sky. The moonlight glistens on the snow covered ground below. It feels calm and magical. Despite the cold air blowing I don’t feel cold at all. Soon, we land on the roof of a building with lots of different homes all joined toremy-and-stockingsgether.

The old man gathers me up in his arms and slips some pretty beads around my neck. He whispers “Welcome to your new home. I am sure you will be happy here.”

We quietly enter and he puts me down so I can start exploring. The old man starts by placing brightly wrapped boxes under a tree. Next he moves on to some mismatched socks hanging on the wall. I leap up onto a table to stare at the strange socks. I wonder what those are. Are they snuggly and warm? Do giants live here? Wait! There are treats going into the socks! May I have one?

The old man finishes his unpacking and turns to me.

“Be good, remy-at-homepuss, and take care of your new family. The missus and I will be watching,” he said. Then he was gone.

At first I felt abandoned and lonely. Looking for a place to sleep, I found a spot on a big grey cushioned thing with a brightly colored quilt on the back. As I settled in and waited for morning I caught the comforting scent of the old woman who had befriended me. It seemed to be coming from the quilt! I knew then that everything was going to be fine. Now, on to the next adventure!

For the 12th Day of Christmas  it is time to plan for next year! Today, December 14th, through 11:59 am December 15th (Thursday), purchase a $35.00 Quilter’s Compass Gift Card and receive a 2017 5th Saturday Bag for FREE! 

Our popular 5th Saturday Club is back for 2017, and membership has its privileges! During any year there are months that have five Saturdays in them. In 2017 those months are April, July, September and December. We are adding a bonus day on January 28th, which also happens to be Support Your Local Quilt Shop Day. The last 5th Saturday from 2016, rescheduled due to the wedding, will be honored on January 28th as well. Both the 2016 bag and the 2017 bag will be accepted that day. On a Fifth Saturday, club members can bring their membership bag to the shop and receive a 20% discount on all regularly priced merchandise and an extra 5% in addition to previously marked down prices on anything that they can put into the bag (sorry, longarm work and classes are not included as I have not found a way to bottle time yet). These discounts will only be available to club members.5th-saturday-bag-2017

So how do you enroll in the club? There are two ways. Today you can purchase a $35 dollar gift certificate (you know you will use it) and receive the bag as our gift to you. Or, you may purchase the bag separately for $10.  Supplies are limited!

The Euphoria Tapestry Eco Tote, our club bag for 2017,  is heavy-duty and generously sized at 15-1/2in x 15in x 8in. The zipper closure helps keep things secure. Featuring the Pomegranate and Acanthus pillow by award-winning applique quilter Deborah Kemball, the environmentally conscious tote is made from recycled plastic water bottles, also making it water-resistant.

Let’s review what we have for you today:

  1. Purchase a $35 Gift Card that you know you will use
  2. Receive a $10 generously sized, eco-friendly reusable zippered bag
  3. Receive five, including the bonus day in January, 20% or greater discount exclusive shopping days on anything that will fit in the bag.

How do you place your order? Call Quilter’s Compass at (608) 938-4334 or send an email to  and say “Stuff My Stocking!” We will start a stocking for you or add to other items that you have requested. The stockings will be ready to pick up December 17th  with some items available as a winter treat later. Watch for a new item at a great price each day (except Sundays) through December 14th.

As a special side note, we hope that you have enjoyed Remy’s Adventure. In this story fact and fiction are mixed. Remy was adopted by my daughter, Hilary, joining her new big brother, Smokey (also adopted from a no-kill shelter, at home. She was one of the nearly 6,000 animals adopted in 2015 from PAWS Chicago, a no kill shelter that has placed over 43,500 animals in new homes since opening in 1998.

In a few weeks we will be celebrating my daughter Hilary’s marriage to David Lippman. Many of you may remember meeting Hilary when she was working here at Quilter’s Compass during our first 2 years. You may have also met Dave over the summer as he worked in the shop and helped keep things going during my recovery from surgery. Hilary and Dave are a remarkably kind and generous couple and I am very grateful to have them in my life.remy-family-picture

For their marriage, in lieu of a gift registry, they have requested donations to various charities that they support, including PAWS Chicago and Animal Rescue League of Boston. If you have enjoyed this story, please consider making a donation to PAWS or another no-kill animal shelter near your home. Thank you!

So that’s it! We hope you’ve had fun watching the 12 Days of Christmas unfold. Thank you to everyone who has participated and we look forward to continuing to serve your quilting needs in the future! If you have any questions, comments, or ideas for items that you would like to see included next year we would love to hear from you!




12 Days of Christmas – The Adventures of Remy – Day 11

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I knew something was up. All around me people were busy putting pretty paper on packages, bows on boxes, and stuff in suitcases. I kept hearing a soft “ho, ho, ho” coming from the room nearby. It is the same room with the sleigh in it. Something told me that it was time to stay close, my adventure may soon be over and I would be stuck back at the shelter. But, I liked it here. If I found a good place to hide maybe I could stay!

remy-in-a-suitcaseI find an open suitcase and crawl in. I can still see most of what is happening and hope that none of the little people will find me.

Quiet as I try to be, someone does hears me. The old woman’s small friends certainly have big ears and sharp hearing. One of them finds me hiding. The next thing I know I am in put into some type of harness with a long flat rope attached. The little person takes me to the room with the sleigh where I see big creatures with horns on their heads. Each one of them is also in a harness with a flat rope leading from the front to the back, hooking all of the creatures together. They can’t be trying to put me in there. I won’t let them!


The old man comes over to me and picks me up. I don’t want to be held and try to squirm out of his arms and jump down. He keeps talking to me softly and gently. With a wink of his eye and a nod of his head I quickly knew I had nothing to dread. He steps up into the sleigh and places me right on top of the piles of presents. What a relief! There was certainly no way that I could pull that sleigh!

As I watched, the boxes and cases, bags and bows, packages and parcels were stacked in the sleigh around me. It was time to go and I got to sit right on top and see it all!

For the 11th Day of Christmas  it is time to pack for the holidays! This set of nesting mini Sew on the GO cardboard suitcases come in 3 sizes. The small case is 7½” x 6¼” x 3¼”, the medium case is 9″ x 7¼” x 3¾”, and the large case is 10¼” x 8½” x 4″. They are perfect for use as a display, storage for small items, gift boxes for your favorite quilter, or even a doll suitcase! These sets are so new that we just received them! Don’t miss out! Today, December 13th, through 11:59 am December 14th (Wednesday), purchase the Sew On the Go three piece suitcase set for $17.50 today and save 30% off of the regular price of $24.99! 

Sew On The Go Suitcase 3 piece set

How do you place your order? Call Quilter’s Compass at (608) 938-4334 or send an email to  and say “Stuff My Stocking!” We will start a stocking for you or add to other items that you have requested. The stockings will be ready to pick up December 17th  with some items available as a winter treat later. Watch for a new item at a great price each day (except Sundays) through December 14th.