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Our New Class Schedule!

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If you are a subscriber to our e-mail newsletter, then you have already had a chance to see our class schedule for January through March 2011. We are now happy to present to our blog readers our new class schedule!

January – March 2011 Class Schedule

Please let us know if you have any questions. We are happy to sign you up for classes via phone or in-store. Please note that we require a full deposit at the time of registration.

We hope to see you in our classroom very soon!


Why choose flannel?

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Have you been lulled into a false sense of toasty comfort by the mild fall that Wisconsin has experienced?

Winter is rapidly approaching and we often have clients in the store who love the feel of flannel, but are simply unsure of how to use it, or are even scared to try to use it in a quilt. Have no fear! We are here to inform you of all the benefits of using flannel, as well as all the wonderful things that you can do with it.

Some people find that using flannel for the backing of a cotton top adds a nice coziness to the quilt. This is an easy and effective way to increase the weight and warmth of your quilts, especially for those of us who like the soft feel against our skin. It also makes for a toasty backing for baby quilts!

Want some warmth and weight to your quilt, but don’t want to get too warm at night, or don’t enjoy the feel of flannel against your skin? Try piecing a flannel top, then using a cotton sheeting for your backing! This is a wonderful way to cozy up in bed without breaking into a sweat (Hilary has a quilt with a flannel top and a cotton back that Barb made and it is one of her favorites – perfect for those chilly winter nights).

Some of us are apprehensive about using flannel for piecing. Flannel can be used in any of the same ways that cotton sheeting can be used for quilt piecing. It is generally a good idea to use flannel in larger blocks or pieces simply because of the nature of the fabric. It is thicker than regular cotton sheeting and a little more difficult to manipulate into tiny pieces, but it goes together wonderfully for large blocks.

Another benefit? Large blocks means the piecing is faster and the quilt top goes together quicker! This means you get to enjoy the warmth much faster! Flannel is also a favorite for rag quilts, which don’t require much finishing and provide stable blocks and a stable quilt, ready for use.

Traditionally thought of as a masculine fabric, many of the prints available today make the fabric an attractive option for men, women and children.

Quilter’s Compass carries a variety of premium flannel in varying prints, including 25 bolts of new prints that just arrived this week. If you are interested in trying a flannel project or have questions or concerns about using flannel for your next project, stop in today and we will assist you in any way we can. We must warn you, though: using flannel in your quilt will cause great struggles when morning comes and you have to leave your nice warm bed.

Happy quilting!

Too many UnFinished Objects hiding in your sewing room? If so, then read on!

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We have lost count of the number of clients who come into Quilter’s Compass and say something along the lines of, “I love this fabric, but I can’t buy anything for new projects until I finish at least 2 of the ones I have started!” or “My family members refuse to enter my sewing room because it is so cluttered with projects in grocery sacks!”

If you have ever said anything close to what we’ve posted above, then we have a program designed specifically for you! In an effort to assist our clients in finishing those UFOs (UnFinished Objects) or PIGS (Projects In Grocery Sacks), we at Quilter’s Compass are proud to introduce The Finishers Club!

In a nut shell, The Finishers Club is a free rewards club that clients of Quilter’s Compass can join. It combines a New Year’s Resolution to finish in-progress projects with an incentive program. The general rules are as follows: you register your project with us (at least ONE CUT must be made in order for it to be considered “in-progress”, we assign your projects a point value, you work on and finish your project (it must be ready for use to be considered “finished”), you show us your finished project and we issue you your points!

Each point is converted to a percentage point off of one purchase at Quilter’s Compass. For example: You finish that King sized quilt you’ve been working on for your mother-in-law. A King-sized quilt is worth 5 points. That’s 5% off a future purchase at Quilter’s Compass! This works all the way up to 15% off one purchase.

We will keep track of your points throughout the year and in December, we will have a Finishers Club party where we all share a photograph or the actual project that we are most proud of, or is our favorite. We will also enjoy snacks and exchanging tales of our adventures throughout the year. We will also have prizes for various accomplishments throughout the year.

Please read the attached document for more in-depth details concerning the Finishers Club. Barb will be taking part in the club and has agreed to share a photo of her with a stack of (some of) her UFOs that she plans to complete this year! Please feel free to take a photo of your stack of UFOs or your sewing room to share with us and your fellow FC members.

Barb can't believe how many UFOs she has to finish (and this isn't even all of them!). Her dog, Sophie, can't believe it, either.

We also encourage members of the FC to utilize our UFO Nights taking place every other Thursday evening. Watch for our full class schedule coming out soon to see the specifics on UFO Nights. We will let you know now that we have decided to get rid of the $5 fee, so UFO Nights are now FREE. You must still register ahead of time as space is limited, but UFO Nights are a good way to enjoy spending time with other quilters while getting your own projects finished. And who knows, maybe there will be snacks!

You may begin registering your projects any time, but work may not begin on them until January 1, 2011 (we trust that you won’t cheat).

We look forward to finishing projects with you in the new year!

The Finishers Club Rules and Regulations

The end of road construction, beginning of quilt construction

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Well, the road was officially finished last week! Lines were painted, people joyously walked in cross walks, and cars parked in newly-paved parking spaces. Ahh, what a happy occasion!

We know many of you were waiting for the construction to end to make a trip out to our store, and we completely understand! We certainly appreciate those who braved the madness and made their way throughout the whole ordeal, but we’re very excited to meet new friends as well!

That being said, our classes are underway, so now that the road construction is finished, it’s time to get going on the quilt construction! The cool evenings and nights are upon us; do you have enough quilts to stay warm and cozy this winter? Of course you don’t! Nobody does! 🙂

We thought we might include a few photos of the completed road and some of our classes. We think it’s always fun to see what others are working on, so we thought you might, too! Enjoy!

Here’s what you’ve missed…

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If you haven’t been in to Quilter’s Compass lately, you’ve been missing out on a lot! We’ve got many more bolts of fabric (over 110 in the last week, alone!), had our Grand Opening Celebration, gave away over $750 worth of goodies during our Grand Opening, enjoyed homemade cookies and bread, had a bus visit from Iowa, and rearranged (almost) our entire store! Whew! It’s been a busy start to the Fall Season! To include some of you whom weren’t able to make it to our grand opening, or to the store in general, we’re including a few photos in this blog post. Hopefully these photos will help portray all the fun we’re having with our clients! Come visit us so you can join in, too!

Want to avoid construction?

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For all of our friends out there who have been wanting to come visit the shop, but been apprehensive about braving the construction on Main Street, we have put together a map with directions explaining how to get here without having to endure the hassles of construction and sand, dirt, and gravel in your shoes from walking down the street.

We have a lovely side entrance on North Avenue. Simply look at the attached map and follow the directions to make your way to our side door and enter into quilting heaven. We hope to see you soon!

Directions to avoid construction on Main Street

Choosing Colors

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A frequently asked question in our store is “How do I choose colors for my quilt?”. Well, there are several ways to decide and we’ll share those with you now.

One way is to try to coordinate colors with whatever other colors are in the room in which you plan to use the piece. If you have your heart set on keeping one color theme going in the room, this would be the way to go about choosing your colors. Bring in a paint chip or a fabric swatch for your curtains and choose fabrics that coordinate. Also be advised that you can always “build” the room around the quilt or project you’re working on, so if you find a piece of fabric that you just HAVE to have, get it and find coordinates for the rest of your room!

Another way is to find a piece of fabric that you just LOVE and finding other fabrics to coordinate with it. This is one of those times where you just browse and if something catches your eye, grab it!

Many people are afraid of mixing and matching fabrics and colors. Some people really enjoy sticking within one line of fabric because it helps assure them that their colors and patterns will mesh. That’s another way to choose colors. I, personally, prefer to take risks and mix colors and patterns. It is very possible, and I think fun, to mix lines together that normally wouldn’t “go” – contemporary and traditional are not exclusively contemporary or traditional. They can be mixed together and be friends!

Some people just like to use colors they find appealing and that’s fine, too! Perhaps green is your favorite color. Go with it!

Remember your color theory from grade school? Primary, secondary, complementary? Using what you learned when you were a kid can also help you find colors that work well together. For example: orange complements blue and can add a nice “pop” to your project!

So there you have it. There are many, MANY ways to choose colors for your projects. Find that you always seem to use the same method for every project? Maybe you typically coordinate your colors to match the room. Perhaps for your next project, you should try choosing a primary color then adding its complement to the mix, and if you ever need advice or assistance in choosing your colors, we are more than happy to help! Just stop into the store and let’s have some fun picking fabrics!