New & Inspiring Fabrics

We love colorful, exciting, modern fabrics. We’re most at home when surrounded by vibrant blues, blazing reds, majestic purples, rich greens, and zesty oranges. We carry a wide selection of fabrics, but our true passion is for those that practically leap off the self at you!

As a quilter, you know that the process of matching fabrics is just as important as picking out a pattern. To help with this, we’ve set up our website a little differently from most quilt shops. Rather than lining up tiny images of fabrics in little rows, we’ve sorted through our inventory, figured out what designs went well with each other, and then stitched together dozens of complementary options into one large picture, what we call a collection. Rather than staring at a single fabric and trying to visualize what would look good with it, our colorful picks are nestled alongside dozens of others that match it perfectly; all you have to do is decide what you like best!

If you see a fabric you like, just place your cursor on it and the name, price, and other information will pop up. If you like the fabrics but want to see them rearranged for a different look, try refreshing the page; our website is set up to give you a new layout combination every time you look at it!