Fancy Forest

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We have a special love for the work of Elizabeth Hartman. It’s cute, but not cutesy; colorful, but not too loud; and who can so “no” to those hedgehogs?

When we saw her pattern for Fancy Forest, we knew we had to make a kit (if for no other reason than to justify making a store sample!). We agonized for days over the fabric selection, and then agonized a bit more over the arrangement of the blocks (unlike the original, we decided to mix all the colors together for a more eclectic look). At the end of all that agony, however, we had a kit that we felt would capture the adorable beauty of this piece (and a store sample that receives compliments daily).

This kit includes the pattern and all of the fabric you need to make the quilt (except the batting and backing). This is a very ambitious project, but our kit will save you some time and guarantee that your finished blocks capture the whimsy of those animals using the best fabrics for the job.

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