eleanor-teaching-copyQuilter’s Compass believes that there is always something new to learn – even for the most accomplished quilters. In addition, coming together to make a specific project, for a special series such as the Green County Barn Block of the Month, or to work on your own UFOs makes quilting the social event it was in the past. The laughter, stories, and other fun – plus, of course, the projects – make these classes a real treat and a special time to look forward to.

QC has a brand new classroom specifically designed from the floor up with large spaces, comfortable seating, and other amenities required in an area set aside for quilting.

barb-teaching-copyThe classroom can accommodate up to 12 students and includes a large work area for each student, adjustable daylight-color lighting, plenty of electrical service outlets, and a hardwood floor that doesn’t hide or eat pins, needles, or other small items as a carpeted or ceramic tiled floor can. Classes are currently taught by veteran quilters Eleanor Smith, Barb Hartman, Lynn Langenfeld and, on occasion, an invited instructor. Eleanor, Barb, and Lynn have extensive experience in a broad range of quilting topics as well as sewing techniques. They are not above learning new techniques from class attendees, though – so you may be asked to show the entire class including the instructors something you’ve learned along the way!

Quilter’s Compass has a class for just about any quilter and the offerings change each quarter. Class schedule summaries for each month in this quarter are included below. To view a full class description or to reserve a seat, please see our individual class listings. If you have suggestions, requests, or recommendations for future classes, please feel free to contact Quilter’s Compass LLC at







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