Homemade is as Local as it Gets

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Today’s guest blogger is Barb’s new son-in-law, Dave Lippman. In addition to having just married Barb’s daughter Hilary, Dave worked in the shop over the summer while Barb was recovering from surgery and is currently managing the Quilter’s Compass website.

Regardless of your political persuasions, there’s something special about supporting American industries by buying products made in the US. Knowing that your money is going to American workers supporting American families is a nice bonus to the quality and value you get from American-made goods. Some people like to take this even further by prioritizing local merchants and manufacturers whenever possible, and it’s no wonder why: when you buy local, you know that not only are you getting a quality product, but that the price of your purchase is working to support your community.

In today’s world of internet shopping and big box stores, the cost and convenience of a purchase can make it easy to overlook the true value of an item. I was reminded of this recently when I snapped this photo of our cats, Smokey and Remy, snoozing in the beds that Barb made them for Christmas.


Now, if you have cats, you know that they’ll settle down just about anywhere that’s comfortable. Case in point:

However, while my cats like the beds because of how comfortable they are, I appreciate them even more for another reason: they’re homemade. We’ve got several other beds for Smokey and Remy to use, but those are scattered about the upstairs of our house, while the beds Barb made are front and center in our living room. The reason why isn’t hard to figure out; do I want my house adorned with generic cat beds purchased from PetSmart, or beautiful beds handmade by my mother-in-law? Definitely the latter. They also make great conversation pieces.

Simply put, it doesn’t get any more local than homemade, and I really appreciate the fact that craft industries like quilting are carrying on the tradition of locally-produced goods. When your quilt, bag, table runner, or cat bed is homemade, you’re not only getting a quality product, but you’re also getting something that is truly unique. I’ve spent a lot of money on Smokey and Remy over the years (and I mean a lot of money), but I’ve never been able to find anything in a store or online nearly as nice as the beds Barb made for them, and I get the feeling they appreciate her hard work.



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