12 Days of Christmas – The Adventures of Remy – Day 11

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I knew something was up. All around me people were busy putting pretty paper on packages, bows on boxes, and stuff in suitcases. I kept hearing a soft “ho, ho, ho” coming from the room nearby. It is the same room with the sleigh in it. Something told me that it was time to stay close, my adventure may soon be over and I would be stuck back at the shelter. But, I liked it here. If I found a good place to hide maybe I could stay!

remy-in-a-suitcaseI find an open suitcase and crawl in. I can still see most of what is happening and hope that none of the little people will find me.

Quiet as I try to be, someone does hears me. The old woman’s small friends certainly have big ears and sharp hearing. One of them finds me hiding. The next thing I know I am in put into some type of harness with a long flat rope attached. The little person takes me to the room with the sleigh where I see big creatures with horns on their heads. Each one of them is also in a harness with a flat rope leading from the front to the back, hooking all of the creatures together. They can’t be trying to put me in there. I won’t let them!


The old man comes over to me and picks me up. I don’t want to be held and try to squirm out of his arms and jump down. He keeps talking to me softly and gently. With a wink of his eye and a nod of his head I quickly knew I had nothing to dread. He steps up into the sleigh and places me right on top of the piles of presents. What a relief! There was certainly no way that I could pull that sleigh!

As I watched, the boxes and cases, bags and bows, packages and parcels were stacked in the sleigh around me. It was time to go and I got to sit right on top and see it all!

For the 11th Day of Christmas  it is time to pack for the holidays! This set of nesting mini Sew on the GO cardboard suitcases come in 3 sizes. The small case is 7½” x 6¼” x 3¼”, the medium case is 9″ x 7¼” x 3¾”, and the large case is 10¼” x 8½” x 4″. They are perfect for use as a display, storage for small items, gift boxes for your favorite quilter, or even a doll suitcase! These sets are so new that we just received them! Don’t miss out! Today, December 13th, through 11:59 am December 14th (Wednesday), purchase the Sew On the Go three piece suitcase set for $17.50 today and save 30% off of the regular price of $24.99! 

Sew On The Go Suitcase 3 piece set

How do you place your order? Call Quilter’s Compass at (608) 938-4334 or send an email to  barbhartman@quilterscompass.com  and say “Stuff My Stocking!” We will start a stocking for you or add to other items that you have requested. The stockings will be ready to pick up December 17th  with some items available as a winter treat later. Watch for a new item at a great price each day (except Sundays) through December 14th.


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