12 Days of Christmas – The Adventures of Remy – Day 10

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“Drat! Looks like I should have paid more attention in Math class” said the old woman. “Every time I need to calculate how much fabric I need for my project I have to figure it out. I am always having to search for the information. I know I can probably find it, but then I have to get to the computer and go online. Sometimes, I don’t even know what I am searching for. There has to be an easier way!”

I stare at remy-at-the-computerthe woman as she get more and more frustrated trying to look up the information. Personally, I think computers are great to sit on and stay warm, but other than that I don’t know what they are good for. I am much happier curling up with a good book.

remy-with-a-bookFor the 10th Day of Christmas  let’s jump right into the information age! The Quilter’s Pocket Reference is filled with all the information you need to determine the yardage for your next quilt plus more! Everything is presented in easy-to-use charts and instructions. All of this is packed into a handy book that is the perfect size to take along with you to quilt shops and the merchant’s mall at quilt shows. Whether you keep it in your sewing room or carry it with you, you’ll refer to the Quilter’s Pocket Reference again and again! Let’s add more to it. Today, December 12th, through 11:59 am December 13th (Tuesday), purchase the Quilter’s Pocket Reference for $8.95 today and receive TWO coupons for a free, one session class or 1/2 off a multi-session class! Take advantage of the new year to learn a new skill or two or share with a friend!


How do you place your order? Call Quilter’s Compass at (608) 938-4334 or send an email to  barbhartman@quilterscompass.com  and say “Stuff My Stocking!” We will start a stocking for you or add to other items that you have requested. The stockings will be ready to pick up December 17th  with some items available as a winter treat later. Watch for a new item at a great price each day (except Sundays) through December 14th.


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