12 Days of Christmas – The Adventures of Remy – Days 7 & 8

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Snack time is over and it is time to go back to work. In one corner of the kitchen I notice a small table with a seesaw underneath it. The old woman sits in a chair in front of the table and starts to raise the lid! Some type of black machine rises up from within the table and comes to rest. The table top is now twice the size!  This room made me feel as if I had journeyed to a magical playground! All around me are new things to explore.

She sat down at the table, puts two pieces of fabric together and lowers a lever to hold the fabric in place. Next, she puts her feet on the seesaw and starts to rock them back and forth. As she does, the black machine starts to make a quiet noise and the fabric starts to move all by itself! When she is done the two pieces of fabric are joined together. Next she unfolds the fabspinning-mat-and-cutterric along the edge that has been joined and it now looks like a square with two colors and pointy ears.

I watch as she moves the square to the board on the table, pick up a tool and trims the pointy ears off of one side of the square. Then she spins the surface around and cuts the point ears off of the other side. I’d like to go for a ride on the spinning mat! But I definitely don’t want to have my ears trimmed.


This is interesting to watch, but I think it is time for a rest. I see a nicely padded perch off of the floor and decide that it would be a great place to watch from. I will be able to see more and stay off of the drafty floor. It is just the right size and I won’t have to share! Time for a little cat nap!

For the 7th Day of Christmas indulge yourself with a 12″ Olfa Spinning Rotary Mat and a 5-pack of 45mm Replacement Rotary Blades. This small mat is incredibly handy to have set up close to your sewing machine for trimming and squaring blocks as you sew. The rotating mat eliminates the need to move your body or project around. Make your cut, rotate the mat and cut again keeping your ruler in place for safe, accurate cutting. Get a set of 5 Replacement Rotary Blades and stop fighting the little burrs and nicks that inevitably make cutting more challenging. You deserve to have the best tools available to keep your sewing efficient and fun. These two items together retail for $81.49. Today, December 8th, through 11:59 pm December 9th, purchase the pair for $48.89 and save 40% off normal retail!

That’s not enough you say? For the 8th Day of Christmas it is time to join in and create one of the year’s hottest projects. Be prepared to put your feet up when you select a complete Tuffet Finishing Kit! The kit includes a wood base with pre-beveled quality foam attached and t-nuts installed, upholstery batting, button, cording and high quality furniture legs. This partially assembled kit normally retails for $165, but you can stuff your stocking  and save $30. If you don’t already have the pattern, add that in as well for $12.00 and save 25% off of the normal $16.00 retail price. These items may be added to your stocking through 11:59 pm December 9th.

How do you place your order? Call Quilter’s Compass at (608) 938-4334 or send an email to barbhartman@quilterscompass.com and say “Stuff My Stocking!” We will start a stocking for you or add to other items that you have requested. The stockings will be ready to pick up December 17th  with some items available as a winter treat later. Watch for a new item at a great price each day (except Sundays) through December 14th.


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