12 Days of Christmas – The Adventures of Remy – Day 5

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After finishing my ornament the woman in the red dress picked up another piece of fabric from her work basket. It was square shaped and there were so many different colors and shapes sewn together. Each square remy-on-scratching-bedmade a pattern. When I looked in the basket I saw a stack of the same big squares. There were also little pieces of fabric that hadn’t been sewn together. Just when I started thinking that the basket could be a fun place to play the woman looked at the piece in her hands and frowned.


“It is so disappointing every time I have to take one of these blocks apart to correct a mistake,” she said. “But if it must be done, it must be done.” Then she picked up a tool with a sharp end on it and started to cut bits of thread that were holding the pieces together.

That was it! I knew one way to repay her kindness! I have little rippers on my feet and I just sharpened them! Perhaps I could help!

Time to get to work!

For the 5th Day of Christmas we have a bundle of sewing room must
have items. First, use some of your scrap fabrics to make this humorous ‘Rippity Doo Dah’ wall hanging from Amy Bradley Designs. Use the 12″ embroidery hoop to frame your wall hanging and add a new seam ripper. Purchase the pattern for
$15.00 and save $4.68 when you receive both the hoop and seam ripper for FREE! Call or email today
, December 6th through 11:59 AM December 7th, order this great bundle and Stuff Your Stocking! 

How do you place your order? Call Quilter’s Compass at (608) 938-4334 or send an email to barbhartman@quilterscompass.com and say “Stuff My Stocking!” We will start a stocking for you or add to other items that you have requested. The stockings will be ready to pick up December 17th or later. Watch for a new item at a great price each day (except Sundays) through December 14th.






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