12 Days of Christmas Stuff My Stocking -The Adventures of Remy

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My name is Carol Ann Remington, but everyone calls me Remy. I am a street cat from Chicago with an inquisitive nature, big green eyes, and a satiny grey coat. I love to play and climb and explore small spaces, like boxes and bags. I feel safe and protected
in those snug places. It makes it easy to curl up and rest when I am tired. But life is tough for a street cat and not all humans appreciate homeless kitties. After two years of fending for myself, I was captured and taken to a shelter.

The humans at the shelter did their best to provide for me. I had a safe, warm, place to stay and enough food to eat. There were lots of other kitties, too, all of them trying to catch the eye of adoptive parents. I knew I would be happy in a new home but I missed the excitement of life on my own. I was ready for one more adventure before being adopted.

One cold night I awoke to the strange sound of bells ringing and a human chuckling.

“Ho, ho, ho”, he said.

I didn’t know what to think, but I was frightened. Looking around, Isnowflake-grids-and-grommets-bag saw a big bag lying on the floor. The bag looked like a great place to hide, so I scampered over to it quickly and crawled inside. It was so soft and toasty warm, not like the cardboard boxes and paper bags I hid in when I was on the street. The
bag was so lovely that I curled up and before I knew it I was gently rocked to sleep. I dreamt I was flying through the air chasing so
me very strange looking birds with four legs. The wind was rushing past and the bag was swaying. Occasionally I would hear the bells and the voice chuckling, but I stayed in the bottom of the bag, curled up, safe and warm. When I awoke and poked my head out, I was certain I wasn’t in Chicago anymore!

To be continued . . .

Enjoying the story? Want to play along? For our 1st Day of Christmas we have a limited number of Remij8051y’s great Snowflake Bag kits available. Each bag kit includes a Grids and Grommets pattern, fabric and notions to create this large, quilted, easy, fun 14”H x 13”W x 8”D bag. The regular price of the kit is $65.00, but today, December 1st, you can save over 30% and Stuff Your Stocking with this great kit for $45.00!

How do you place your order? Call Quilter’s Compass at (608) 938-4334 or send an email to barbhartman@quilterscompass.com and say Stuff My Stocking! We will start a stocking for you that will be ready to pick up December 17th or later. Watch for a new item at a great price each day (except Sundays) through December 14th.


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