Olympic Challenge Day 2

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Another day, another challenge. I’ve got the pattern and the fabrics, now what’s next?

Well, here is a shocker. I’ve decided to be realistic and organized. I hope you were sitting down. The reality is that it is Saturday, and after a long week I’m experiencing an energy crisis. Finding the motivation to make progress on this project is a tough sell right now. But I am determined to move forward. That is where the organization comes in.

I’ve counted. I have 16 days, including today, to achieve my goal. With the time schedule in mind, I’ve broken down the tasks to be completed to see just how many different parts there are. I have identified 12 different steps to be completed to finish the top. The steps are:

  1. Determine how many strips of each color
  2. Cut 98 Strips
  3. Cut Background diamonds
  4. Randomly choose 4 fabrics for each strip set
  5. Sew four fabrics together to create strip sets
  6. Press seams open
  7. Cut strip sets into segments to be assembled into diamonds (132 full and partial sets needed)
  8. Sew segments together to create diamonds
  9. Press seams open
  10. Block Diamonds
  11. Sew diamonds into rows
  12. Sew rows together, trim and stay stitch outer edge

It would seem that since there are more days than tasks there would be plenty of time to accomplish this. The reality is that some of the tasks take longer to accomplish than others and will probably take several days to complete. Also, it would be nice to have some extra time built in to the schedule to be able to address the inevitable delays that arise from daily life.

With a task list in hand I can start at the top and complete at least the first item today despite the energy crisis. According to the instructions you need 49 WOF (width of fabric) strips. I am making my diamonds scrappier and using more fabrics. I have 18 different fat quarters to use for the strips, so my strips will be half the WOF. To try to keep a balance between the light, medium and dark prints I have decided that I want to have 6 strips from each of the light fat quarters and 4 strips from the medium and dark fabrics. That will give me 66 light strips and 32 medium and darks. Once I start putting the sets together I will see if I need to change the balance to keep the overall color balance lighter with just pops of the darker prints.

Stay tuned! Tomorrow I will discuss different methods for cutting strips and share some of the strip set  color combinations! It will be fun to start seeing how well some of the prints and colors play together. Now to relax and enjoy the Ladies Short Program in the Team Figure Skating competition!


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