Breakfast Club — Week 2

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It’s Chris again! An update is in order as we had our second Breakfast Club  meeting yesterday (Jan 22) and it was another great breakfast! I got adventurous and modified the baked oatmeal into a tropical version…. banana-coconut-almond and it worked!!  Add orange pineapple juice, coffee and a WONDERFUL gluten free coffee cake that Barb made and you have a great breakfast! I will be adding another recipe to my cook book, but even more than another great recipe,  I really enjoy the food and friendship.

Yesterday’s topic was how to evaluate the stash just organized…by actually going through it, counting out and maybe measuring the pieces and adding them up on a tally sheet. Barb had a preprinted spread sheet with headers and columns. (Columns for sizes and lines for colors.) It is one way to try and account for all the pieces, but not absolutely necessary.  I know that there are companies that can be hired to do inventory and are very professional. This exercise isn’t anything as exact, but it should give us a very good idea of what we have available to work with, and isn’t that what this is all about? I have way too many ideas and I would like to put them into a project, or three — preferably before the fabric is so dated that I won’t use it or can’t blend colors!

It will be interesting to see how I tally the floral and multicolor pieces. Predominant color or by pattern…maybe by how much space is available. If I don’t have enough room I may have to combine two similar piles like browns and multicolor brown metallics.  There could be a lot of cross over. Regardless, I can also see that this is a very basic way to track my personal buying style. I think I can already see that I  have very few greens compared to the other colors…..

Since it was collectively determined that my pattern preference is “scrappy” it makes sense that my stash is mostly FQ’s. Lots of FQ’s and piled by color, mostly. Barb and Lynn both collect bigger pieces, up to 8 or 9 yards (backings) and never want to run out of a specific needed fabric. Since most fabrics are printed and then retired quickly it’s actually a good idea to have a bit more  than you think you need. I suspect as my quilting experience grows I will also adopt more of this buying style!

So…having gone home and looking at my bookshelves I was tempted to take a photo of all my pretty piles and leave it at that. I mean, I can SEE how much orange I have….but today Barb gave me “The Look” and reiterated that, while counting and measuring is the most accurate way to know what I have, the most important thing is to know the relative proportions of the different size pieces and colors.  Since we are in the middle of another Polar Vortex scenario I have plans to go back to the stack and try again to determine what I actually have. (Do I count the fabrics I have tucked into my PIGS? Hmm…)  Next week we are to bring our spread sheet/guesstimation/approximation and discuss what our plans are for using up our precious pieces, how to determine what the best stash busting project might be————— If you car pool the ride seems shorter and the car warmer!

I still think I’ll take a photo of it all.  Maybe that will keep me inspired to continue organizing and be organized. Next Breakfast Club is Wednesday Jan. 29. You can bring your own coffee mug and a friend as well! Will next week be quiche?




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