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Let me introduce myself, I’m Chris, the newest quilter of the Quilter’s Compass Staff. We are still getting through the worst of Wisconsin winter ice and wind and looking forward to enjoying a respite while staying cozy and catching up with something other than shoveling! Speaking of something other than shoveling, Barb has given me the opportunity to tell you what is happening here on Wednesdays.

QC had its first Breakfast Club gathering last Wednesday morning. It was the first in a series of weekly get-togethers to discuss how to get organized for the new year, and to provide help, support, and accountability to attendees who want to turn the ideas into efficient habits. The Breakfast Club is meeting Wednesday mornings from 9:00 – 10:30.

I’m not sure if the baked oatmeal or breakfast strata was the favorite! They both went well with juice and fruit salad.  It almost looked like our Citrus Salad Fat Quarter bundle! After a leisurely brunch we had a short demonstration and longer discussion about our different ways of storing and organizing our “stash”.  It was quite eye-opening to know that we all seem to ‘stash’ a bit differently. I got some great tips about keeping scraps of a finished quilt for future, hopefully never needed, repairs! Barb has started using the Fabric Organizers from DeNiece’s Designs to store her larger fabric pieces. They wrap up and store neatly and are much easier to find than in “The Bin”!

Now we have a week to go to our own house and dispassionately evaluate our fabric collections! Is it organized by color, size, purchase date or project? Can I find fabrics that would work together even if they are from different lines? Can I find the pattern I remember I really liked and was going to make up this spring?

I’m rather in awe, but I actually did go home and look critically at my sewing room. It really is my own personal she cave!  It was supposed to be that space where I could go in and sew whenever I found time…. everything set up and ready. What I saw was not pretty. It looks more like a drop off station at a thrift store… and I know I can do much better. Since my focus was to be on my organization, or lack there of, I started with the bookshelves along the wall.

So the bookshelves: separate the books from the fabric, from the old fabric, from the projects of YEARS ago, from the newer possible projects and future potential projects. Put the PIGS (projects in gift sacks) in the corner and keep going. Wow. Four hours later and suddenly the room seemed brighter and lighter. There was space around what used to be really pretty piles of color and pattern. There were three bags: two for recycle and one for the thrift store! There is a wider path around the ironing board! What a difference.

I realize I’m not finished. Not finished by a long shot, but SOOOO much better. I can see (sort of) that this will be a huge improvement and want it to continue!  There are still 2 shelves I need to tackle. My ironing board is an easy place to pile new fabric (I do work at a fabric store) and my sewing table has a mind of its own. Another couple of hours should do the trick…. Onward!

So, today (Jan. 22) is our next Breakfast Club and I can honestly report back that I have made a dent! The topic will be how to evaluate what you have: we know what we THINK we have, but reality may be vastly different. I will definitely be there!  And I suspect that brunch will as good or better than the last one!

If you can’t make it to the Breakfast Club there will be an evening counterpart, “Happy Hour” starting on February 6, 5:30-7 pm. I found it definitely worth it. Hope you can make it!



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