Easy Way to Create the Scalloped Edge of a Dear Jane Quilt

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It has been a very busy couple of months here at the shop and we are trying to end the year by cleaning up loose threads — you can take that any way you like!

One of those threads involves one of our favorite rulers, The Learning Curve by Linda Warren Designs. Earlier this year, while vending at the International Quilt Show in Chicago, we had the opportunity to have a great chat with Marion P. from Indiana. We were doing a demo of the ruler and showing her how the gentle curved edge could be used to change the appearance of blocks. After looking at the sample blocks we had prepared for a few moments you could see a light bulb go on in her mind. Her response was “This looks like the exact shape that I need to do the scalloped edge on the Dear Jane quilt that I am working on.” You see, Marion is a self-professed Janiac.

What an intriguing thought! We are always looking for new uses for tools — the more they do the more valuable they are as a  resource. I did finally have the opportunity to investigate her assumption. Marion was right! The Learning Curve ruler has a 5 1/2″ width and curved edge that will make cutting the scalloped edge of a Dear Jane quilt much easier!

So, to all of you Janiacs out there, and to anyone who would like to find an easy and accurate way to put a scalloped edge on a quilt, consider The Learning Curve!


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