11th Day of Christmas

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On the 11th day of Christmas my true love gave to me . . .

. . . six geese a-laying! No, wait, that’s not right. Eleven geese a-laying, but that doesn’t work well either. How about a way to make the geese lay! Or at least to make them lay flat.

Flying geese blocks shouldn’t be frightening. It’s all in the technique and tools. There are several different ways to make them, but that is a different blog post (hint – stay tuned for a tutorial next week!). Today, December 13th, we are talking about treating yourself to a set of the ultimate flying geese rulers from BlocLoc! Make geese that are 2″ x 4″ or 3″ x 6″ that are the perfectly fit into the most common sizes of quilt blocks.

11th Day - Bloc_loc Geese Ruler 02 - Web ResolutionWe were introduced to these great rulers at Quilt Expo in Madison two years ago. Since we have started working with them we have found them to be fantastic time savers, easy to use, and great for increasing the accuracy of flying geese. By starting with slightly over-sized geese it is easy to slide and lock the ruler in place.

Once the ruler is locked on the seams it is simple to square up the block not only to the exact size, but to have the point of the triangle “beak” a precise 1/4″ from the edge ensuring the correct measurement for the seam allowance. Follow the link for a great video from BlocLoc to see how easy it is to work with these rulers!


11th Day - Bloc_loc Geese Ruler 04 - Web Resolution11th Day - Bloc_loc Geese Ruler 03 - Web Resolution

Having a reliable method for making accurate flying geese blocks means that you can quickly put together great gift projects. Check these out! Both pillows were made in an afternoon!Flying Geese Pillow 2 Each pillow was made using one of the rulers.Flying Geese Pillow 2 (2)

The ruler set typically retails for $40, but call or email today and we can stuff the set into your stocking for $29.99. We will even include pillow patterns! Call us at the store (608) 938-4334 or email us at clientfeedback@quilterscompass.com  and say “Stuff My Stocking!”


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