5th Day of Stuff My Stocking

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By the 5th day of Christmas I had moved on from binding to the next must-finish-by Christmas project. I realized that I wanted to mark quilting lines for hand quilting on a pillow. The piece I was working on had a variety of colors in it since I was trying to clean out my stash and work scrappy. But how to mark with all of those colors and still be able to see the lines?

I must have the smartest Secret Santa around. All of a sudden this marvelous Sewline marking pencil and a complete set of refills in all of the colors showed up in my stocking! I now had pink, green, yellow, black and white to choose from, plus extra erasers in case I made a mistake!

Sewline Pencil

Once I started to work with this system I realized that my search for the perfect marking tool was over! The mechanical pencil allows you to have just enough of a sharp point to create a fine, precise line and the ceramic lead glides smoothly over fabric.  The markings are easily removed by either erasing or by using a damp cloth. The refill leads change out quickly so you can always be working with the right color for the fabric.

Stuff your stocking with this great pencil and refills today, Friday, December 6, for $29.99 (the regular price of the set is $43.45 — that’s a savings of $13.46). If you have questions or would like to have this added to your stocking, either call us at the store (608) 938-4334 or email us at clientfeedback@quilterscompass.com  and say “Stuff My Stocking!”


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