12 Days of Christmas — Stuff My Stocking!

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It’s that time of year again, Thanksgiving is tomorrow and the Christmas holidays are just around the corner. Gift selection and shopping preoccupy not only our attention, but the attention of those who care about us as well. How many times have you heard “I don’t know what to get for you.” My family routinely tells me “I wanted to get something quilt related, but I don’t know what you have.” Well, it’s time to make their lives easier, and make sure that you receive the types of gifts you would like to have and can  use.

Starting Monday, December 2nd and running through Saturday the 14th we will surprise and delight you daily with a selection of 12 fun and practical gift ideas and suggestions at great prices to stuff your stocking. Each special is available for one day only and in limited quantites. After the day each feature is highlighted, any additional stock will be available at regular price. Here is how to participate:

12 Days of Christmas Gifts

How to Find Out What the Specials Are

  • If you receive our newsletters be prepared for a new message each day telling you about the feature and special price. We promise to keep it short and sweet. We usually don’t overwhelm your inbox with multiple emails, and once this event is over we will go back to our standard pace. Feel free to forward the email to family and friends and share the information — it’s a great way to drop hints!
  • Information will also be posted on our Facebook page at ****please fill in link here***********
  • A full description and why we think the specific special is something we’d like to see in our stocking will be available here on the blog.

What to Do When You Want the Special

  • DON’T WAIT!!! Remember, quantities are limited and there will be no rainchecks. Requests will be filled in the order received.
  • Call the store  (608) 938-4334, give us your name and tell us to “Stuff My Stocking!”  (If it is after hours we do have an answering machine!) or
  • Send an email to clientfeedback@quilterscompass.com

What Happens Next

  • We will ask for a payment method to hold your order
  • The item (or items) will be set aside for you.
  • Feel free to indulge yourself! There are so many great values you may want items from more than one day! We will collect everything for you until it is pick-up time.
  • Beginning December 18th come in to the store, or send someone in for you to pick up your “stocking”. If you can’t get into the store we are happy to make arrangements to ship the items.  If shipping may be necessary please let us know when the first order is placed.
  • Act surprised when you open the packages!

Want More Hints?

We know you’re thinking “What are the specials and how much can I save?” Well, we are not at liberty to say what they are just yet (it would eliminate the surprise and anticipation – that’s half the fun!). But we can share the themes for the stocking stuffers and tell you that prices range from $12 to $140 and the savings over the regular price is generally 25% or more! Which one tickles your fancy?

  1. Declare you are a quilter
  2. Learn something new
  3. Convenience
  4. Organization
  5. Accuracy
  6. Color
  8. Necessities
  9. Inspiration
  10. Work Safely
  11. Work Smarter
  12. Shop Smart

So there you have it! Stay tuned for the fun and excitement! We’ll be back with the 1st day of Christmas at 12:01 AM Monday, December 2nd!


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