Working through the growing “pains”

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Since we know our audience is made up of quilters, we already know the answer to this question, but we’ll ask it anyway:

Have you ever had too many ideas for the amount of time available in your day?

…we’re pretty sure we just heard a resounding “YES!” from each of our readers, and we want you to be assured that you are not alone! As we have grown as a business, we have found ourselves stretched a little thinner and thinner (hence the very long delay in a new blog post!).

The last few months have been a very busy and exciting time for us! Between finishing Barb’s display of Green County Barn Quilts at the Dining Room in late May, the Wisconsin State Shop Hop in June, Green County Barn Quilt Day in early July, the release of the book for Green County Barn Quilt #1 (now known as “Farm Fields”) and several other Quilter’s Compass original patterns in July, and now preparing for our second annual birthday sale later this week, we haven’t had much time to do anything else.

In addition to preparing ourselves for each of these events — did we forget to mention a tiny gathering called Quilt Expo in early September? — we’ve been busy filling online orders, helping customers in the shop, writing and testing QC original patterns, and making new store samples.

So how do we, as creative individuals, cope with the stresses of too many ideas, not enough time? At the shop, we have a huge backlog of ideas, including new class ideas, events, clubs, and new patterns. The only thing we can say is hang on, it’s going to be a fabulous ride! As quilters, you all have done more than we could have ever imagined in order to help us grow as a business. You’ve done it by shopping here, taking classes here, and bringing your friends here to introduce us to them. Thank you, thank you, thank you! We appreciate all of these things and it is because of you that we are fortunate enough to have these growing “pains”. Yes, we do mean fortunate, because the fact is that without the growth of the business, we would never be in a position to implement our new ideas at all.

So where do we go from here? Up, of course! We promise to continue to put into practice our ideas as fast as we can (and as time allows), but our first priority will always be to help our customers.

How can you help us continue to have growing pains? Continue doing what you’re doing! Visit us in the shop and on our website, tell your friends about us, review us on Facebook, Yelp!, and Google. The odd thing about growth is that it stretches us thinner for awhile, but eventually we reach a point where we can add more employees to help us grow even more!

So thank you and please hang in there with us as we continue to become the best shop we can be!


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