3 Reasons to Participate in the Wisconsin Quilt Shop Hop

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As we’ve been gearing up for the shop hop to start, we’ve been talking with a number of customers and we’ve heard quite a few mention that they aren’t planning on participating in the shop hop because it just seems so overwhelming. While there is a lot to take in, there are ways to think about the hop to make it less overwhelming and more enjoyable. We’ve put together a list of 3 reasons why you should participate in the first annual Wisconsin Quilt Shop Hop:

1. Inspiration – When was the last time you were presented with over 70 different ways to use the same line of fabric? We’re guessing that it’s probably been awhile, if it’s happened at all! The Wisconsin fabric line is available only in the state of Wisconsin and every shop in the shop hop has made at least one sample using the fabric. With 70+ shops participating, that’s a lot of samples!

Our Wisconsin Kaleidoscope quilt

When we were planning our samples for the Wisconsin fabric, we decided we wanted to do something a bit unexpected, something to push the boundaries and really make people think creatively. We wanted to make something that maybe not everyone would think of, so we cut up those perfectly good panels depicting various Wisconsin scenes. We cut them up and turned them into kaleidoscope blocks.

Wisconsin table runner using the free download “Fresh Flowers” from Moda’s website

We also wanted to do something more conventional, so we used the panels to make a tablerunner that is available as a free download on Moda’s website. Every shop did something different with the fabric line, so the shop hop is a great reason to get out and see the creativity that we have all around the state.

The shop hop isn’t just about the Wisconsin fabric. Even if you choose only one shop that you’ve never been to before, you’re sure to gain some inspiration because every shop is different. We all carry different fabrics and we all have different aesthetics and ideas. That’s a lot of inspiration!

2. Fun with Friends – Is there a better excuse than a shop hop to gather a handful of your quilting friends, pile in the car, and drive around, stopping at quilt shops to look at all the pretty fabric? Let us know if you can come up with a better reason, because we sure can’t!

3. Prizes – Not only are there some fabulous prizes for those hoppers ambitious enough to make an attempt at visiting at least 51 shops over the next 3 weeks, but there are also some really great prizes for those who manage to visit all of the shops in just one section! The grand prize and top of the hop prizes include a variety of sewing machines and accomodations at various retreat centers throughout the state. The section prizes also include a variety of retreat and getaway accomodations as well as gift certificates.

Our in-store gift basket has a retail value of $200! It includes a table runner kit, 2 fat quarter bundles, Aurifil thread, Sewline marking pencil with refills, and a variety of Quilter’s Compass exclusive patterns!

In addition to section prizes, each shop is holding an in-store drawing for a gift basket valued at around $200. So for those who feel a bit overwhelmed by the thought of needing to visit at least 12 shops over the next 3 weeks to be eligible for any prizes, fret not! Simply pick 3 or 4 shops to visit and you’ve got a chance to win some great prizes! Heck, you can win a prize by just visiting your local quilt shop!

We hope that this list helps those of you who were feeling overwhelmed to feel a bit more relaxed. We also hope you realize that participating in the shop hop by visiting just a few shops in your area can be just as fun as traveling the state. Remember: just because it’s a statewide shop hop doesn’t mean you have to travel the whole state!

Happy hopping!


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