A quilter’s guide to coping with high gas prices and a slow economy

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If you’re anything like us, you’re probably feeling a sense of deja vu regarding gas prices rising and the economy still trying to get back on its feet. Weren’t we here about a year ago? What’s a quilter to do, especially coming up on prime road trip time?

We’re here to offer some suggestions (again)!

We know we wrote a similar post about this time last year, but we figured we’d take this opportunity to remind everyone that there are less costly alternatives to big quilt shows that can still be fun and educational.

If you’re unable to make it to any of the big quilt shows this year (Paducah, Cincinnati, etc), make a special trip to your local quilt shop, or get a group of friends together for a day trip to a shop a few hours away. You’ll save on the costs of gas and lodging, but still have a chance to get away for a little while to see what ideas are out there and what’s new in the quilting world. Many quilt shops are happy to arrange a demo of their latest and greatest gadget or schedule a special class for your group, so give those shops a call and see what they can do for you!

As we’ve talked about numerous times before, there are plenty of retreat centers throughout the country, but especially in South-Central Wisconsin. If you are still keen on dedicating a weekend to quilting, but can’t come up with the resources to make a grand roadtrip, select a place nearer to home and split the cost with your friends!

Many people are working from their stashes to save a little bit of money and to clean out their sewing rooms. We frequently hear people say these things and we want to support you in your endeavors, so we’re dedicating our April class schedule to spring cleaning and stash-busting! Find out if your local quilt shop is doing something similar and take a class or two! You’ll feel great about cleaning out some of your scraps and you’ll be supporting your local quilt shop, which is always appreciated!

These are just a few alternatives to dishing out the dough for a major road trip to a quilt show this spring. Share your ideas with us below in the comments section!


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