More project ideas for using up those scraps!

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We have more of our projects finished for spring cleaning classes that we’re offering during the month of April! If you’ve missed out on the information for our class schedule for the next month, click here!

Zippy Strippy Bag

Above is our Zippy Strippy Bag. Lynn whipped this up in an afternoon and the pattern is great because it offers 3 sizes to choose from! We made the medium size. Everything on this bag, including the batting, was scraps! The only new item not in our stash was the zipper!

"Plumb" from the book "Scrap Republic" by Emily Cier

“Plumb” from Scrap Republic by Emily Cier is a fun little quilt that would be great for a baby quilt. We weren’t crazy about the borders on the quilt in the book, so we added this zebra print that was left over from the “Happy Little Animals” quilt we made last year. The back was pieced, but once again, everything used for this quilt was scraps, including the batting, which we pieced using batting tape!

There are so many possible variations on this quilt. You can easily expand it to make a nice lap quilt, you can use two colors and alternate them, you could just use one color and start with lights in one corner and darks in the opposite corner. The options are endless!

"Autumn Equinox" from the book "String Quilting Today" by Connie Ewbank

“Autumn Equinox” from String Quilting Today by Connie Ewbank is great for using up those strips and strings! Everything we used for this top is from our scraps except the sashing. The quilt top is a good way to learn foundation piecing if you’ve ever wanted to learn!

These projects, among others, are now on display in the shop to help give quilters inspiration for using up those scraps. Come on in and if you see any classes you’re interested in, be sure to give us a call to sign up!


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