Christmas Gifts (Part 2)

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Well, today is Thanksgiving and we at Quilter’s Compass hope you’re taking advantage of the holiday and spending time with your loved ones. We know we are! Don’t worry, we’re writing this blog post early and will just post it on Thanksgiving to keep up with our Thursday blogging schedule 🙂 We’d like to take a moment to say how thankful we are for such a supportive quilting community who frequents our shop and helps keep our doors open. Without you all, we wouldn’t be able to continue to do what we love – share the art of quilting with the world! So for you, we are thankful!

As you prepare to kick into high gear for the Christmas season, we wanted to take time to give you a few more ideas for Christmas gifts. If you missed our first installment of Christmas gift ideas, be sure to check out that post here. Now let’s get to some ideas, shall we?

There are a number of great gift ideas out there, for quilters and non-quilters alike. In our first installment, we focused a bit more on the non-quilters. Today we’ll focus more on your quilting buddies (or perhaps you can add a few of these items to your own Christmas list!).

Sewing Machine Guide

The first thing we want to highlight makes a great stocking stuffer! It would also be a great as a part of a gift basket or as a little something for that beginner sewer. Simply lower the needle on your sewing machine into the hole and measure how big your seam allowance is going to be! We’ve had a number of instance where needles are set to 3/8″ seams instead of 1/4″ and it takes everyone quite awhile to figure out what’s wrong. This tool is an easy solution to that problem. And at a retail price of less than $2, what quilter can afford not to have one?!

The Quilter's Pocket Reference

Barb has been known to tell people that if she had to get rid of every quilting book and magazine she owns and was only allowed to keep one, she would keep her Quilter’s Pocket Reference. In the shop, we call this the Quilter’s Bible because it contains information on everything you need to know. Want to add a 6″ border and need to know how much fabric to buy? Always wanted to learn how to do a bias binding? Curious about half-square and quarter-square triangles? This book has it all, plus so much more.

Everytime a client comes to us wondering about how much binding they need, we pull out this book. It’s a must-have for every quilter and it’s small and compact, so taking it with you when you shop is easy! It’s also inexpensive as far as books go at a retail of $8.95!

Sewline marking pencil

There are so many marking systems on the market, but we’re pretty sure the Sewline marking pencils are the best! They use a ceramic lead, which provides a smooth, thin line – easy to follow for hand or machine quilting as well as applique. The lead is erasable and even when it is being a little stubborn to the eraser, a damp paper towel or washcloth takes it off. This is the only marking system we use in the store on all of our samples and we’ve received excellent reviews from clients we’ve recommended it to.

Grilling Apron & Wine Bag

After a long day at work or in the garden or sewing, every quilter deserves a nice glass of wine, right? We thought so, too, and that’s why we’re talking about the All Corked Up pattern. It features a pattern for a full-coverage grilling apron as well as a wine bottle gift bag. Whip up a couple of these bags and stuff them each with a bottle of your favorite wine. Give it to your quilter or non-quilter friends to enjoy! It adds a nice little personal touch to a nice gift and they’re fast and easy to make!

Lunch Bags! book

This last idea can really be for anyone, we just thought it was such a great gift idea that we wanted to share it. We’ve talked about the Lunch Bags! book on here before and we’ll probably talk about it again at some point because it’s just such a great book! How many people take their lunches with them to school or work or wherever it is they’re going? The answer is lots! Personalized, fashionable lunch bags make excellent gifts for just about everyone. This book doesn’t end at lunch bags, though. There are also patterns for picnic bags and play food for children!

Hopefully we’ve got your creative juices flowing and you now have some ideas for your shopping list. There are, of course, loads of other gift ideas out there, so tell us in the comments what you’re planning on making for gifts this year! If you’re looking for yet more inspiration or ideas, be sure to stop by the shop this Saturday, November 26 for Small Business Saturday! We’ll be sharing these and other ideas for gift ideas and we’ll have plenty of items on sale, too, including all Christmas fabric! We hope to see you then and have a happy Thanksgiving!


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