Civil War Anniversary Challenge #1 – Traditional

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Now that everyone has had a chance to look at our contemporary blocks, we’ll tell you who made what!

Block #1 -Barb

Block #2 – Eleanor

Block #3 – Hilary

Block #4 – Lynn

Block #5 – Mary

So how many did you guess right? Did any of them give you ideas for blocks of your own? Now that you know which blocks belong to whom, let’s show you the traditional blocks to see if you can find any similarities!

Just to refresh your memory once again, we had our staff make one traditional quilt block twice; once using only traditional fabrics and once using only contemporary fabrics. We selected a “focus fabric” and had everyone base their color selections off of that, then they got to sewing. The block: Aunt Eliza’s Star. The results: 10 very different quilt blocks. We’ve already shown you the contemporary ones, so now, let’s see the traditional ones!

First let’s start with a photo of our focus fabric.

As you can see from the photo (kinda… these aren’t the highest-quality photos, so keep that in mind as you read on!), the focus fabric was a brown and orange Jo Morton Civil War Reproduction fabric. It also has some hints of red throughout. Now that you know what we based our fabric choices on, let’s get to discussing the blocks! I’ve also framed each block with the focus fabric, to give you a better idea of how they look together.

Block #1

Two of the pieces in this block are from traditional fabric lines while the medium print is a basic/blender. The person who made it saw some hints of purple in the focus fabric and used that to select her dark fabric.

Block #2

Block #2 showcases very subtle differences between the light fabric and the dark fabric, then it picks up the blue for the medium fabric to form the stars.

Block #3

Block #3 was made by our over-achiever. She used 2 traditional fabrics for her light and medium fabrics, then chose a Jo Morton Civil War Reproduction stripe to use as her dark. She then pieced the center square to match the stripes in the four corners.

Block #4

The creator of this block took a little liberty with the light, medium and dark layout. She wanted the star to really pop, so she used the dark for the star. Her dark choice picks up the red in the focus fabric.

Block #5

Our last block was made using 3 traditional (possibly even considered reproduction) fabric choices. The creator stuck very close to the browns, reds and creams present in the focus fabric.

I’ve numbered each block (in no specific order) and am now going to ask you to tell us who you think each block belongs to: Barb, Hilary, Mary, Eleanor, or Lynn. Some of you know us very well and know our tastes. At the same time, this may be a nice opportunity for others to get to know us better!

So what did you do for the challenge? What do you think of our blocks? Anything you really like? Would you have done something differently? How do you think we should finish the blocks (we’re thinking about putting together a wall hanging)? Share some photos of your blocks with us on Facebook or e-mail them to and we may use them in a blog post!


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