150th Anniversary of the Civil War

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Did you know that today, April 12, 2011, marks the 150th anniversary of the start of the American Civil War? There has been a lot of buzz over the last year or so in the quilting world regarding people doing special things to mark the occasion and we at Quilter’s Compass want to do something to commemorate the anniversary as well!

So we issue to you, our readers, our customers, our friends, our fellow quilters, a CHALLENGE!

We have decided to have a quilters civil war: traditional versus contemporary and the ultimate blending of the two. We will be taking traditional quilt blocks and each person on our staff will be asked to make the block in two different ways – one block using traditional fabric and one block using contemporary fabric. We invite you to do the same along with us! We want to show people that quilted items don’t have to be exclusively traditional or contemporary – they can be a blend of the two!

If you tend to use more traditional fabrics than contemporary, perhaps this is a good opportunity for you to try something a little different! Or maybe you find that most of your quilts are contemporary and green. Why not give traditional fabrics in a different color a shot? We just want people to try new things and be creative! Quilting is about having fun and being creative!

The first block that we’re going to be doing is Aunt Eliza’s Star. According to Early Women Masters, Aunt Eliza’s Star was first published in the 1895 edition of the Ladies Art Catalogue. We will begin choosing our fabrics (we’re not allowed to ask each other for advice for this project!) and making our blocks soon! We hope to see some photos of what you’re working on, too.

For a free pattern for this block, click here!


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