Quilting as a getaway

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How many of you have ever gone on a quilting retreat? Sounds relaxing, right?

Just about every week, we have a group of people – usually ladies – stop into the shop. The group tends to be between 6 and 8 individuals. When we ask them where they’re from, which we ask of just about everyone who steps through our doors, we usually hear “Oh, we’re staying over at (insert local retreat center) for the week (or weekend)!”

These ladies are almost always laughing and giving each other a hard time about what they’re buying, or the breakfast they cooked for everyone that morning. We love visiting with them and they often come back once, or sometimes twice, before they check out of the retreat center and head back home.

Retreats are well-known for being just that – a retreat from everyday life. It provides an excellent opportunity for people to take a step back and relax as well as take a look at his or her craft in a new way. When I was studying saxophone in college, our saxophone studio went on a retreat every fall to a Marianist house located on a lake just north of Dayton, Ohio. We had time to practice and play our instruments as well as talk with each other about techniques or different ideas we had.

While playing the saxophone is not quite the same thing as quilting, there is definitely some overlap. Both activities offer a creative outlet for people. They can also result in a finished product that others can enjoy – you finish that quilt and gift it to your grandchild for his high school graduation or you play the sonata so beautifully that it really moves someone in the audience.

A retreat can provide an excellent way for us to forget about the stuff going on in our everyday lives that we often get caught up in.

We thought it might be fun to share with our readers some information about two local retreat centers. Fern Hill and Two Chatelaines’ Farm are both retreat homes located in or just outside of New Glarus, WI – the next town up Hwy 69 from our shop. Both places specialize in retreats for creative types – quilters, knitters, scrapbookers, crafters.

If you find yourself in need of a getaway with a handful of friends or family members, look into renting one of these locations for an extended weekend or even a week. We’d love to have you near so you can bring in your projects for show-and-tell, and if you forget anything, we know a quilt shop that isn’t a far drive from where you’ll be staying! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Quilting as a getaway

    Lynn Lokken said:
    March 5, 2011 at 8:12 AM

    Fern Hill is wonderful, have done 3 retreats there in the past. Two Chatalaine’s is also so homey & comfortable. Plus, they sport a Barn Quilt that is outstanding! If you want to get something done, gather your friends and go sew for hours with no distractions. Take turns with the meals and just relax!

    Jan Olson said:
    March 6, 2011 at 1:50 PM

    A small group of us from Washington Reformation Church hosted and attended a quilt retreat at Two Chatelaine’s Farm. We came together to work on projects we had started, or begin projects we had promised others we would do. Our retreat hostess marvelously obliging, graciously accommodating, and wonderfully ambivalent. Being relatively “local” women, we found this retreat to be far enough away from home and yet close enough for others to join us for a day. We would recommend this quilter’s haven to any or all of you looking for a rural, “homey” retreat that will fill your need to just get away and sew.

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