Why choose flannel?

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Have you been lulled into a false sense of toasty comfort by the mild fall that Wisconsin has experienced?

Winter is rapidly approaching and we often have clients in the store who love the feel of flannel, but are simply unsure of how to use it, or are even scared to try to use it in a quilt. Have no fear! We are here to inform you of all the benefits of using flannel, as well as all the wonderful things that you can do with it.

Some people find that using flannel for the backing of a cotton top adds a nice coziness to the quilt. This is an easy and effective way to increase the weight and warmth of your quilts, especially for those of us who like the soft feel against our skin. It also makes for a toasty backing for baby quilts!

Want some warmth and weight to your quilt, but don’t want to get too warm at night, or don’t enjoy the feel of flannel against your skin? Try piecing a flannel top, then using a cotton sheeting for your backing! This is a wonderful way to cozy up in bed without breaking into a sweat (Hilary has a quilt with a flannel top and a cotton back that Barb made and it is one of her favorites – perfect for those chilly winter nights).

Some of us are apprehensive about using flannel for piecing. Flannel can be used in any of the same ways that cotton sheeting can be used for quilt piecing. It is generally a good idea to use flannel in larger blocks or pieces simply because of the nature of the fabric. It is thicker than regular cotton sheeting and a little more difficult to manipulate into tiny pieces, but it goes together wonderfully for large blocks.

Another benefit? Large blocks means the piecing is faster and the quilt top goes together quicker! This means you get to enjoy the warmth much faster! Flannel is also a favorite for rag quilts, which don’t require much finishing and provide stable blocks and a stable quilt, ready for use.

Traditionally thought of as a masculine fabric, many of the prints available today make the fabric an attractive option for men, women and children.

Quilter’s Compass carries a variety of premium flannel in varying prints, including 25 bolts of new prints that just arrived this week. If you are interested in trying a flannel project or have questions or concerns about using flannel for your next project, stop in today and we will assist you in any way we can. We must warn you, though: using flannel in your quilt will cause great struggles when morning comes and you have to leave your nice warm bed.

Happy quilting!


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