Too many UnFinished Objects hiding in your sewing room? If so, then read on!

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We have lost count of the number of clients who come into Quilter’s Compass and say something along the lines of, “I love this fabric, but I can’t buy anything for new projects until I finish at least 2 of the ones I have started!” or “My family members refuse to enter my sewing room because it is so cluttered with projects in grocery sacks!”

If you have ever said anything close to what we’ve posted above, then we have a program designed specifically for you! In an effort to assist our clients in finishing those UFOs (UnFinished Objects) or PIGS (Projects In Grocery Sacks), we at Quilter’s Compass are proud to introduce The Finishers Club!

In a nut shell, The Finishers Club is a free rewards club that clients of Quilter’s Compass can join. It combines a New Year’s Resolution to finish in-progress projects with an incentive program. The general rules are as follows: you register your project with us (at least ONE CUT must be made in order for it to be considered “in-progress”, we assign your projects a point value, you work on and finish your project (it must be ready for use to be considered “finished”), you show us your finished project and we issue you your points!

Each point is converted to a percentage point off of one purchase at Quilter’s Compass. For example: You finish that King sized quilt you’ve been working on for your mother-in-law. A King-sized quilt is worth 5 points. That’s 5% off a future purchase at Quilter’s Compass! This works all the way up to 15% off one purchase.

We will keep track of your points throughout the year and in December, we will have a Finishers Club party where we all share a photograph or the actual project that we are most proud of, or is our favorite. We will also enjoy snacks and exchanging tales of our adventures throughout the year. We will also have prizes for various accomplishments throughout the year.

Please read the attached document for more in-depth details concerning the Finishers Club. Barb will be taking part in the club and has agreed to share a photo of her with a stack of (some of) her UFOs that she plans to complete this year! Please feel free to take a photo of your stack of UFOs or your sewing room to share with us and your fellow FC members.

Barb can't believe how many UFOs she has to finish (and this isn't even all of them!). Her dog, Sophie, can't believe it, either.

We also encourage members of the FC to utilize our UFO Nights taking place every other Thursday evening. Watch for our full class schedule coming out soon to see the specifics on UFO Nights. We will let you know now that we have decided to get rid of the $5 fee, so UFO Nights are now FREE. You must still register ahead of time as space is limited, but UFO Nights are a good way to enjoy spending time with other quilters while getting your own projects finished. And who knows, maybe there will be snacks!

You may begin registering your projects any time, but work may not begin on them until January 1, 2011 (we trust that you won’t cheat).

We look forward to finishing projects with you in the new year!

The Finishers Club Rules and Regulations


One thought on “Too many UnFinished Objects hiding in your sewing room? If so, then read on!

    bev fry said:
    November 20, 2010 at 12:59 AM

    in the third picture down there is a quilt on the left wall that is absolutely gorgeous. It looks like lavender and green maybe? what is the name of this pattern? and do you have a pattern for it?
    please email me about this

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