The end of road construction, beginning of quilt construction

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Well, the road was officially finished last week! Lines were painted, people joyously walked in cross walks, and cars parked in newly-paved parking spaces. Ahh, what a happy occasion!

We know many of you were waiting for the construction to end to make a trip out to our store, and we completely understand! We certainly appreciate those who braved the madness and made their way throughout the whole ordeal, but we’re very excited to meet new friends as well!

That being said, our classes are underway, so now that the road construction is finished, it’s time to get going on the quilt construction! The cool evenings and nights are upon us; do you have enough quilts to stay warm and cozy this winter? Of course you don’t! Nobody does! 🙂

We thought we might include a few photos of the completed road and some of our classes. We think it’s always fun to see what others are working on, so we thought you might, too! Enjoy!


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