Choosing Colors

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A frequently asked question in our store is “How do I choose colors for my quilt?”. Well, there are several ways to decide and we’ll share those with you now.

One way is to try to coordinate colors with whatever other colors are in the room in which you plan to use the piece. If you have your heart set on keeping one color theme going in the room, this would be the way to go about choosing your colors. Bring in a paint chip or a fabric swatch for your curtains and choose fabrics that coordinate. Also be advised that you can always “build” the room around the quilt or project you’re working on, so if you find a piece of fabric that you just HAVE to have, get it and find coordinates for the rest of your room!

Another way is to find a piece of fabric that you just LOVE and finding other fabrics to coordinate with it. This is one of those times where you just browse and if something catches your eye, grab it!

Many people are afraid of mixing and matching fabrics and colors. Some people really enjoy sticking within one line of fabric because it helps assure them that their colors and patterns will mesh. That’s another way to choose colors. I, personally, prefer to take risks and mix colors and patterns. It is very possible, and I think fun, to mix lines together that normally wouldn’t “go” – contemporary and traditional are not exclusively contemporary or traditional. They can be mixed together and be friends!

Some people just like to use colors they find appealing and that’s fine, too! Perhaps green is your favorite color. Go with it!

Remember your color theory from grade school? Primary, secondary, complementary? Using what you learned when you were a kid can also help you find colors that work well together. For example: orange complements blue and can add a nice “pop” to your project!

So there you have it. There are many, MANY ways to choose colors for your projects. Find that you always seem to use the same method for every project? Maybe you typically coordinate your colors to match the room. Perhaps for your next project, you should try choosing a primary color then adding its complement to the mix, and if you ever need advice or assistance in choosing your colors, we are more than happy to help! Just stop into the store and let’s have some fun picking fabrics!


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