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New Fabrics Posted!

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New fabrics have (finally) been posted to our website! Most of these have been in the shop for a little while now, but they’re new to the website! Check them out!


2017 Wisconsin State Shop Hop Section 2 Mystery Quilt Finishing Instructions

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2017 Wisconsin Shop Hop Section 2 Mystery Quilt

Thanks so much for participating in this year’s Shop Hop! Whether you win a prize, complete the mystery quilt, or just enjoyed visiting some of the amazing shops in South Central Wisconsin, we hope you had a great time!

Quilt Top Assembly Instructions 

  • Fabric 1
    • Cut 8 strips – each 1½” x WOF for the inner border
  • Fabric 2
    • Cut 5 strips – 6½” wide x WOF for the outer border
      • From the first WOF strip, cut one 32½” strip and one 6½” strip
      • From the second WOF strip, cut a second 32½” strip and a second 6½” strip
      • From the third WOF strip, cut one 26½” strip and a third 6½” strip
      • From the fourth WOF strip, cut one 26½” strip
      • From the last WOF strip, cut one 24½” strip
    • Fabric 5
      • Cut 8 strips – 2½” wide x WOF for the bindin2017 State Shop Hop Quilt Field with Inner Borderg
    • Inner Border
      • Join all 8 strips of Fabric 1 end-to-end to form one long strip
      • From the long strip, cut two strips each 60½” long and two strips each 62½” long
      • Join one of the 60½” strips to each side of the quilt field as shown above at right
      • Join one of the 62½” strips to the top and bottom of the quilt field as shown above at right
    • Outer Border2017 State Shop Hop Quilt Field with Outer Border
      • Join Flying Geese units with strips of Fabric 2 to form the side, top, and bottom outer borders as shown at right
      • NOTE: Pay careful attention to the Flying Geese Unit positions!  Remember that there are two types of Flying Geese Units and place them correctly according to the diagram!
      • Attach the two side outer borders and then the top and bottom outer borders as shown in the diagram
    • Binding
      • Join all 8 strips of Fabric 5 end-to-end to form one long strip
      • Use the long strip to bind all four edges of the quilt top

To print a copy of the instructions click the following link :

2017 WI Shop Hop Instructions for Assembly of Quilt Top

Questions? Stop by Quilter’s Compass to get some expert advice from one of our Quilt Divas on finishing your Section 2 Mystery Quilt.

Memorial Day Weekend + Shop Hop

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Quilter’s Compass will be closed tomorrow (Saturday) to give our staff a long weekend and to prepare for the upcoming State Shop Hop. Have a great holiday weekend!


REMINDER: There’s a 5th Saturday coming up this weekend!

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5th Saturday bag ladies with get 20% off of their entire purchases on Saturday, April 29th!


Ninja Cookies

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I have to be honest: I have no idea why Jenn Ski’s new line is called Ninja Cookies. But it’s fun and colorful, and that’s what we’re all about at Quilter’s Compass!

New Fabric Line: Garden Delights

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Don’t let the cold fool you; Spring is right around the corner!
Our newest line, Garden Delights, is perfect for Spring with bold, vibrant colors rivaled only by Mother Nature herself.

Check it out here.


Bonus Lulu Lane: Coated Fabrics

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In addition to the other Lulu Lane fabrics shown yesterday, we’ve also got three coated fabrics from the collection. These are water resistant and perfect for outdoor items, such as picnic blankets, pool bags, and rain coats.